Great News… We Are Automated!

Starting Monday, August 13th

Clients that utilize our online application system will receive instant proof of coverage for the following policy types; General Liability, Excess Liability, Accident Medical, Catastrophic Medical, and Directors & Officers insurance.*

The documents that will be automatically generated are outlined below:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Claims form
  • Claims Instructions
  • Accident Medical/Catastrophic Medical Coverage Summaries

Past Certificate Holders…

We are working on migrating your certificate holders from the previous years into the new system. If you are missing a few Additionally Insured certificates, we recommend that you utilize our “Doc Demand” feature to obtain them as they will be produced instantaneously. However, if you are missing a large quantity of Additionally Insured certificates, please feel free to email

*Please note that automation does not apply to policies that were bound through special quotes or policy numbers that start with KRS, XKS, or SRPG. Sports Equipment, Fidelity Bonds, Primary Non-Contributory Verbiage, and Waiver of Subrogation will be uploaded manually to your account. Endorsements will either be emailed or uploaded to your account after requests are received.

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