Helping Prevent Injury in Youth Sports

Generally, when kids engage in sports with other children, the only things they are focused on are having fun and winning. Because of this, safety is often the last thing on a child’s mind while playing. This means that the responsibility of helping avoid sports-related injuries falls onto the parents of the children and the team coaches. Sports injuries can lead to concussions, broken bones, and in some cases even paralysis or worse. By following these tips, you can help your child avoid getting injured while playing youth sports!

Educate Your Children on the Importance of Safety – You don’t want to scare your kids away from participating in sports, but you should make sure they know the importance of being safe while playing. Make sure they know the safety guidelines related to their respective sport and that it’s important that they are followed!

Make Sure Your Children are Medically Cleared – It is highly recommended that, before participating in any sport, children should receive a full physical from a healthcare provider. This can result in ruling out any undiagnosed conditions such as heart ailments that could be provoked by physical activity.

Know the Rules – It is very important to ensuring safe play that your children knows and understands the rules of the sport they are playing. Consider sitting down with your children and teaching them the rules of the game before they participate in a sport.
Use Appropriate Protective Gear – Many sports have a set of protective gear that players are required to wear to ensure safety. For example, shin guards are required for soccer, helmets are required for baseball, and a selection of pads are required for youth football. Most sports also require wearing some form of cleats for traction. Making sure your child has all of the necessary, and in working condition, protective gear for their sport is imperative.

Don’t Play if Injured – If your child is complaining about being overly tired or in pain, it is best for them to avoid playing sports until they feel better. While they may wish to still play, competing or practicing while injured or fatigue is only likely to lead to worsening the injury or developing a new one. It is best to rest and play again only when back in healthy condition!

By following these tips, you can minimize risk and ensure that your child stays happy and healthy while participating in sports. It may also be beneficial to enroll in a sports insurance program just incase someone on the team or league suffers an injury.