Minding Your Mind

You may have heard of minding your manners or maybe even minding your own business, but here is a new one for ya: Minding Your Mind. And although both minding your manners is polite and minding your own business can keep you out of trouble. Minding Your Mind is a great cause that spreads awareness for mental illness by visiting schools around the country educating students, families, parents, and faculty.  Their mission is to reduce stigma and destructive behaviors that are associated with mental health issues. One out of 4 people in our society will be diagnosed with a mental illness  and there are ways of detecting, preventing, and helping individuals that are struggling. Minding Your Mind can teach you techniques that can save your or someone you love’s life.  They are dedicated to being life savers!


Gagliardi Insurance is honored to be a sponsor of Minding Your Mind. Life is a true gift and every life is always worth celebrating! Join us on May 18th at Union Trust in Philadelphia for a Celebration of Life.


Can’t attend?

Make a difference here : https://events.mindingyourmind.org/