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The Long-Term Benefits of Participating in Youth Sports

Of all the American families with school-age children, three-quarters have at least one child that actively participates in a youth sport of some kind. Participation in youth sports has been growing over the years, resulting in nearly 50 million kids currently involved. In addition to being a source of fun and enjoyment for children, playing […]

Health & Wellness

Helping Prevent Injury in Youth Sports

Generally, when kids engage in sports with other children, the only things they are focused on are having fun and winning. Because of this, safety is often the last thing on a child’s mind while playing. This means that the responsibility of helping avoid sports-related injuries falls onto the parents of the children and the […]


Great News… We Are Automated!

Starting Monday, August 13th Clients that utilize our online application system will receive instant proof of coverage for the following policy types; General Liability, Excess Liability, Accident Medical, Catastrophic Medical, and Directors & Officers insurance.* The documents that will be automatically generated are outlined below: Certificates of Insurance Claims form Claims Instructions Accident Medical/Catastrophic Medical […]