Football & Cheerleading

2018-2019 Football & Cheerleading Insurance

This application is applicable to the following Organization Types:

Organization that have Tackle teams, Flag teams and Cheer Squads

Strictly Tackle Football Organizations

Strictly Flag Football Organizations

Strictly Cheerleading Organizations

Gagliardi Insurances’ online application portal allows individuals to obtain instant sports insurance quotes and certificates of insurance are generated automatically once premium is received. In addition to instant proof of coverage, for a small expedite fee, certificates reflecting Sports Equipment, Fidelity Bonds, Primary Non-Contributory Verbiage, and Waiver of Subrogation will be uploaded manually to your account within 1 business day.

If you’re a current Gagliardi Insurance member looking to “renew” your policy for 2018-2019, a current member looking to add onto an active 2018-2018 policy or a prospective member seeking coverage for your organization; please click the below link to be directed to our 2018 Youth Football & Cheer Insurance Online Application.

2018-2019 Football & Cheerleading Application


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