Adding Certificate Holders

To request a Certificate Holder (Additionally Insured) you must first Login

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    • For instructions on Creating an Account, click here.

Once you have logged in, in the Welcome Tab of your Members Dashboard you will see various Certificate Wizards, please select the appropriate Certificate Wizard then follow the on-screen instructions to submit your request.

If you need further assistance navigating to the Certificate Wizard, click here.

If you need asistance using the Certificate Wizard, click here.

If for some reason the Certificate Wizard does not work or you cannot submit the request type you’re looking for, you may make a request via email at

For those who must submit their request via email please provide the following information.

    • Organization Name
    • Policy Effective Date
    • Name of Individual Responsible for Insurance
      • If not you, please provide their contact information

Any requests submitted via email will take longer to process. Failure to provide the above listed information will further the delay in processing of your request.

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